A hot cup of coffee in the morning upon rising out of bed is a perfect way to start any day. One can set the coffee maker so that it begins brewing just as the wake-up alarm is about to go off. Besides the welcomed caffeine, part of the fun of drinking coffee any time of day is deciding what to put into it. Some people prefer their coffee black, while others enjoy milk or creamer with their morning cup of joe. What is the best choice between milk and creamer?
If a coffee drinker is counting calories, milk is best because it is available in skim and 2, both of which have less calories than creamer. Skim milk adds no fat and is the best choice for those who are trying to shed pounds. 1 milk may also be added to coffee for fewer calories than creamer.
Creamer is richer and has more calories than milk, but is also makes coffee taste creamier and more decadent. Creamer also comes in various flavors that will liven up any cup of coffee. Powdered creamer is also available but not recommended, due to the fact that it contains sugar and is not a natural product.

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