Black coffee: you can’t live with it, but you can’t live without it. What I really mean is, without black coffee – there just isn’t coffee! But with black coffee, something’s just missing. Creamer. For those of us who like a little (or a lot for some of us) creamer with our coffee, I’ve thought of a few comparisons between powdered creamer and liquid creamer.

First, taste. Creamer is creamer, it tastes great. But liquid creamer comes in a huge variety of different foreign and familial flavors.

Second, does it dissolve? Obviously liquid creamer dissolves – it’s already liquid! But that brings up the important fact to remember. Powdered creamer is not for everyone. Some coffee drinkers don’t like hot, or even warm coffee. Powdered creamer will not dissolve in cool coffee.

Finally, cost. When the facts are brought to the table it’s simple. Coffee is expensive and so is creamer. But which is more expensive? Liquid or powder? The first thing to factor in is the brand name. Sometimes a store brand creamer can be cheaper, regardless if it’s liquid or powder. But brand for brand liquid creamer is on average at least twice as expensive as powdered creamer.

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